How long can you be a 204b?

Answer: Beginning June 1, 2012, employees from other bargaining unit crafts may be utilized as 204-Bs, supervising Clerk Craft employees, to cover supervisory absences or vacancies of 14 or more consecutive calendar days. Usage of a 204-B in this exception is normally limited to no more than 90 days.

How much does a 204b make at the USPS?

USPS 204b Supervisor Pay

The 16 dollars an hour you will be paid is significantly more cost-effective than the near $27 they will have to compensate a regular craft employee with; to which they will also tack on an extra bump to Level 17 supervisor pay.

How long does a letter of warning last?

Letters of warning remain in the employee's official personnel folder (OPF) and/or electronic official personnel folder (eOPF) for a period of two calendar years unless otherwise resolved or cited in subsequent disciplinary action.

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DO 204b get paid more?

Your base pay doesn't change but you receive higher level pay anytime you are in the 204B position. There should be papework or forms filled out assigning you to that higher level position which allows the extra pay for that level.

HOW MUCH DO 204b make?

A 204b is an employee that is in a higher level status as an acting Supervisor Customer Services level EAS-17. The pay range is approximately $44,000 to $75,000 a year, and the step is determined by years of service of the employee.

Can a PSE be a 204b?

PSEs and all clerks CAN be 204b's.

What do USPS supervisors do?

A supervisor in the post office oversees the sorting out and organizing of incoming and outgoing mail, parcels and freight deliveries. He also ensures that employees appropriately package and prepare local and international cargo for dispatch by stamping and labeling them.

Can Ccas be 204b?

No. CCA's are not eligible for higher level pay. But where does it say they can't be 204b.

Can I refuse A written warning?

A written warning from an employer can only be relied upon if it is a genuine expression of the employer's concern about your job performance. If the warning is fair, do not discard or ignore it. You must accept it as positive criticism and immediately act on it (for example, if it is about lateness – be punctual).

How do you deal with an unfair written warning?

  • Stay calm: During the meeting to discuss your warning, and afterward, do your very best to avoid crying, raising your voice, or showing extreme distress.
  • Take notes: It can help that first goal — keeping calm — to take notes during any meeting about the warning.
  • How many warnings can you get before dismissal?

    Typically, you give one verbal warning and two written warnings (one initial and one final) before dismissing them. However, in cases of severe or gross misconduct, you may dismiss the employee without prior warning.

    What is a 1723?

    Form 1723, “Assignment Order” (also see EL-312, Sec. 2 states in part, “Form 1723, Notice of Assignment, shall be used in detailing letter carriers to tempo- rary supervisor positions (204b). T he term 204B is an obsolete. reference to a section of a postal law that was passed in 1955.

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