Can AirWatch see my Imessages?

The thing is AirWatch doesn't track/collect any personal data whatsoever. Any data collected(which is really boring to look at) is just to ensure you are the right person with the right device so that you have access to corporate content/emails/apps.

Can AirWatch agent see browsing history?

Next, we conducted design reviews with AirWatch employees.

We also found that most users are only interested in the “Big Four”: browsing history, text messages, pictures and personal email. It was very important to inform users that AirWatch could not monitor any of these.

What is AirWatch used for?

Another MAM feature, the AirWatch Container app, lets IT segregate corporate and personal assets on users' iOS and Android devices. VMware AirWatch can provide reports on user activity and usage patterns, and admins can use its remote-control capabilities to support and troubleshoot mobile devices as needed.

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Can my employer see my texts?

If you're using a company-owned smartphone or tablet, your employer has access to your text history. Even if you delete your texts, they may be backed up in the cloud. Or anyone can take a screenshot or download your text conversation, and show it to someone else.

Can my work see what I do on my personal phone?

Hi Mohammed: Yes. If you use a computer/mobile device provided for you by your employer, they can (even though not necessarily will) see everything, including any kind of activity, on any program.

Can my company see what websites I visit on my personal phone?

Whether the company phone is an iPhone or an Android device, companies can see your internet activity. I will discuss the most common ways that companies are monitoring your internet activity and other phone activity.

Can AirWatch see photos?

AirWatch isn't out to capture your pictures, personal messages and Internet history to sell to the highest bidder. AirWatch doesn't care, and frankly, neither does your company. AirWatch is all about securing corporate owned data that is allowed to be stored/used on your personal device.

Can MDM track browsing history?

Researchers found that with a VPN and trusted certificate, SSL encryption can be broken, allowing MDM to monitor all activity in the browser. This includes information like personal banking passwords, personal email and more, all routed through the corporate network in plain text.

What is the difference between AirWatch and Intune?

Intune has historically been tightly tied to Microsoft, and for those organizations that are focused on Microsoft and Azure technology, Intune can be an excellent choice for MDM. On the other hand, AirWatch has become an MDM market leader through strong MDM and MAM functionality across platforms.

What does intelligent hub track?

The Intelligent Hub app is installed on iOS and Android devices to enroll mobile devices and manage their access to their resources. These services include consumer store inspired enterprise app catalog, People directory, actionable notifications to inform employees, and a custom tab to browser resources.

Can your employer see Imessages?

Can your employer have access to your personal text messages? - Quora. Yes. Any data you transmit across company systems (WiFi, Intranet, VPN, BYOD managed devices, company-issued devices) or networks is subject to collection, consumption and analysis by your employer.

Can MobileIron see text messages?

The MobileIron Administrator also cannot view any information related to SMS texts. b. For personally owned iOS devices only, the MobileIron Administrator can only view business-related apps that you have installed through the enterprise app store.

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