Do I have to do something not in my job description?

In most cases, a job description – unlike a contract of employment – is not a legally binding document. You can be asked to take on other duties, if these are reasonable. However, if what you are doing really doesn't match your expectations, and you believe that your employer deliberately misled you, seek legal advice.

Can an employee refuse to perform duties outside his job description?

He said that an employer may instruct an employee to perform tasks that allegedly fall outside of his job description depending on: The nature of the task to be performed, The circumstances in which the instruction is given, and. The employer's operational requirements.

Can I refuse duties at work?

All employees have a common law duty to obey any lawful and reasonable request that you make and asking someone to carry out additional job tasks is no exception. An employee is legally entitled to refuse any request which is illegal in some way, e.g. fly-tipping. Note.

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How do you tell your boss it's not your job?

  • Show empathy in your response.
  • Explain why you can't help (or can only help a little)
  • Point them in the right direction.
  • Talk to your boss if the requests are too much to handle.
  • How do you tell your boss that's not my job?

    Try phrasing your response like this: "I'd love to be able to assist you with this task. However, our supervisor originally assigned this task to you, and the task isn't within the scope of my responsibilities. I'm going to politely decline, and I recommend speaking to management to find a solution."

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