Indeed will always send emails from the same address, so pay close attention to who the sender is. Keep in mind that scammers can use the Unsubscribe button to insert a link that leads you to a malicious website or contains malware that could harm your computer. If you’re unsure who the email is from, you’re better off not opening it.

Can you reply directly to an Indeed email?

When an employer posts a job directly on Indeed, they have the option to allow job seekers who have applied to message them directly. For employers, this can be a great way to hear from highly interested applicants. You'll be able to do this via Indeed Messaging, on desktop or mobile.

Should I message a company on Indeed?

After applying for a job, you might opt to contact the hiring manager to follow up on your application. Although this step is not required, following up can convey your interest in the position and help you stand out from other candidates.

How do you send a message to all candidates Indeed?

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Why does indeed use a different email address?

At Indeed, we take measures to protect the privacy of our job seekers. When communicating with employers via email, we provide all job seekers with an Indeed auto-generated email address alias to help protect and secure your real email address information.

How do you write an email to a recruiter?

  • Be direct in your subject line.
  • Greet them by name.
  • Explain how you found their information.
  • Briefly review your experience.
  • Describe your next career goals.
  • Ask to collaborate.
  • Wait for a reply.
  • How do you send a message to an employer?

  • Express enthusiasm for the opportunity you're writing about, just as you would in person.
  • Briefly mention the qualifications or experience that make you ideal for the job.
  • Before you hit send, check that you're sending the text to the right person.
  • What happens if you reject a candidate on indeed?

    *Applicants whose answers do not meet your required criteria will be marked as Rejected. These candidates will not be notified of their application status, unless you send them a response via one of our easy-to-use templated email updates.

    How do you respond to a professional email?

  • How To Reply To Emails Professionally.
  • Thank the recipient.
  • State your purpose.
  • Add your closing remarks.
  • End with a closing.
  • Begin with a greeting.
  • If you are replying to a client's inquiry, you should begin with a line of thanks.
  • Keep it professional and concise.
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