Can I get an internship without being a student?

Internships aren't only for students. While most interns are college students, adults may also work an internship for similar reasons as their college-aged counterparts. An adult may be able to negotiate for a paid internship, while a college student may receive college credit instead.

Are internships shorter than apprenticeships?

Length of Time: Internships are usually short term (1-3 months) and apprenticeships are longer term (1-3 years). Pay: Apprenticeships are paid experiences that often lead to full-time employment. Internships are often unpaid and may not lead to a full-time job.

Is 26 too old to be an intern?

No age limit or qualification or experience. There might be a maximum age when an internship is not likely, but it's not 37. Switching to a new career at that age is exciting, especially if it is done passionately and not as an escape.

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