How do you politely decline an interview example?

Thank you so much for considering me for your [job title] position with [Company Name]. However, I regret that I will have to withdraw my application at this time. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.

What do I say to cancel an interview?

I'm reaching out to inform you that, unfortunately, I will be canceling our interview for the [job title] position that we had arranged for [date and Ttme] at [interview location]. Thank you for considering me for this role, but I've decided to remove myself from consideration.

How do you send a rejection email?

  • Use the person's name.
  • Thank them for applying.
  • Start with the bad news (and don't apologize for picking the best candidate)
  • Be personal.
  • If you offer to provide feedback, make sure you really mean it.
  • Encourage them to apply again.
  • End professionally.
  • Proofread all emails.
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