How do I get my resume to fit on one page?

  • Trim Your Margins. Someone somewhere decided that default page margins should be one inch all around.
  • Combine Sections.
  • Create Multiuse Lines.
  • Maximize the Line Spacing.
  • Shorten Bullets.
  • Understand the Reality of the Situation.
  • Is it okay if my resume isn't a full page?

    A resume should be one page most of the time. One-page resumes are recommended for candidates with just a few years of work experience and those who are only starting out on the job market. Your resume can be longer than one page only when you have 10+ years of experience or lots of relevant professional achievements.

    Should your resume be one page 2020?

    A resume should be one page for most applicants, especially for students and anyone with fewer than 10 years of relevant work experience. Hiring managers are busy people, and a one-page resume gives you enough space to communicate your professional experience and skills without using up too much of their time.

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    Should a two page resume be stapled?

    A resume sent in paper form should never be stapled, and here are the main reasons why. Use a paper clip or some other form of removable clip that can allow the hiring manager to do what they will with the document, while still keeping the information together.

    How long is too long for a resume?

    In general, try to keep your resume to 1-2 pages in length. Recent graduates should aim to stick to one page while more experienced candidates can get away with using more space.

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