Are sharks eyesight good?

Studies have shown that sharks can see about 10x greater than humans, even in clear water. While sharks rely on many other highly tuned senses to maneuver the vast oceans they call home, they still rely on their impressive eyesight to find and catch their food.

Do sharks see like humans?

Although sharks cannot see colour like humans do, their eyes are 10x better than ours in dark and murky water. Ragged-tooth sharks, like those in our Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit, are an excellent example of a shark with good low-light vision. By all accounts, sharks have pretty impressive eyesight.

Do sharks see better at night?

Like cats, sharks also have a 'tapetum lucidum'. A reflective layer of shiny cells that lies behind the retina. This improves vision in low light conditions, allowing nocturnal and deep-water species to hunt effectively. It also gives their eyes a green glow in the dark.

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Can sharks hear?

A shark's most acute sense, the one it may use to detect prey from the greatest distance, is probably its sense of hearing. Sound travels faster and farther in water than in air. Sharks can hear disturbances in the water caused by struggling fishes from great distances.

How far can a shark see underwater?

In ideal conditions (the kind we get while shark diving in the Bahamas), sharks can see clearly from 10-15 meters or more. This means while their vision is good, it's not the first sense that keys them into their prey and becomes more important as they get closer.

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