What are some consequences of identity theft?

A conviction for an identity theft crime can result in time spent in jail or prison. In general, a conviction for a misdemeanor offense can lead to up to a year in jail, while felony sentences can result in several years or more in prison.

What are the major effects of identity crime on victims?

Impacts on victims

The consequences of identity crime for individuals can be serious, including financial loss, reputational damage as well as emotional and psychological harm.

Who does identity theft affect the most?

Seniors over 60 years old are the most common victims of identity theft. 3 in 10 victims of identity theft have experienced it more than once. 1 in 50 children is affected by child identity fraud, which costs U.S. families nearly $1 billion each year. Millennials account for 44% of U.S. identity fraud reports.

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How does identity theft affect the economy?

Identify theft affects a staggering 7 percent of the population annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics 2012 victim survey data, and totals nearly $24.7 billion in financial losses to the entire economy.

How easy is it for someone to steal your identity?

There are a number of ways identity thieves may obtain your personal information. Fraudsters may dig through mail or trash in search of credit card or bank statements. Unsecured web sites or public Wi-Fi may allow identity thieves to access your information electronically.

Why is identity theft so important?

Your personal information could be stolen and used by criminals in a variety of ways. Identity theft protection can help you reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft.

Why is it important to understand and be aware of identity theft?

Identity theft and data breaches. Even if you are very careful, criminals may still be able to access your information and steal your identity through data breaches. Adding an extra layer of protection to your digital life by using an identity theft protection service could prove very useful.

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