How did you hear about this position example?

You were looking actively for jobs and found it on a job board, careers website, while searching jobs on LinkedIn, etc., and that's how you first saw their job. You have a colleague or friend in the company who suggested you apply or mentioned they were hiring.

How did you hear about the position interview questions?

How to Answer the 'How Did You Hear About This Position' Interview Question

  • Appear excited. Your future employer wants you to be passionate about the work you are about to perform.
  • Do some name-dropping. Heard about the employment opportunity from someone influential or who already works in the company?
  • Don't be vague.
  • How do you answer how do you feel about this position?

  • Explain something specific that you're looking for in your job search.
  • Tell them something you noticed about THEIR job that you liked.
  • Recap what you've said to show exactly how their job fits what you're looking for.
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    Why did you choose our company?

    I believe the skillset & experience I possess not only shall bring value to your organization, but in turn shall also help me to acquire experience & sharpen my skills amidst your organization's professional work culture. If given an opportunity I positively look forward to give my best to your organization.

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