How do you deal with difficult situations effectively?

Be Realistic - change takes time; appreciate the small steps of improvement. Stay friendly - work up to the more difficult topics; don't make negative comments. Focus on the positive. Be optimistic - remember the good things about this person; try not to generalize criticisms (do not use "always" or "never").

How do you respond to a situation?

When something happens that triggers an emotional response; pause, take some deep breaths, and observe your emotions and how you're feeling. If you have an impulse to react, simply observe this impulse, thinking, “I have an impulse to react”, let this thought come to the front of your mind, then let it go.

Why do you need to respond to the situation properly?

Most people remember how you respond to a situation rather than what happened. While you often do not have control of many situations, you can choose how to respond to others to help reduce work conflict and stress. By responding appropriately to a conflict situation, you take responsibility for your actions.

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How do you respond to a difficult email?

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