Are CNAs paid weekly?

CNA for 1st shift (7a-3p)

We offer highly competitive pay with a weekly payroll. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time.

How much are CNAs making now?

Highest and Lowest Paying States for Certified Nursing Assistants in 2020

StateAverage Salary
New York$40,620

Can I make a living being a CNA?

You can definitely make money as a CNA. I started out working in nursing homes for about 9 months and I finally got an offer to work in a hospital. It was the best thing money wise I could have done. This year I made close to 30,000 and that is a huge jump from the 15,000 I made in ltc.

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What's the difference between a CNA and a PCT?

PCT tasks are similar to CNA tasks but may include additional higher-level responsibilities. Tasks performed by patient care technicians are very similar to those of a CNA, although a PCT may have an increase in responsibilities such as performing EKGs or phlebotomy procedures.

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