How do I find my Indeed email?

When you sign up on Indeed, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm your account. Check the inbox of the email address you used to register. The account confirmation email includes a Confirm Your Email Address link.

Do Indeed messages go to email?

When communicating with employers via email, we provide all job seekers with an Indeed auto-generated email address alias to help protect and secure your real email address information. All email communication from employers with your Indeed email alias is still sent directly to your email inbox.

How do I see messages on Indeed?

  • Signing in to your Indeed Account & selecting the Messaging icon in the upper right corner.
  • Signing in to your Indeed Account & selecting the docked Messaging icon in the lower right corner of the search results page.
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    How do I change my email on Indeed?

  • Sign in and click the change email address link on the Account tab.
  • After you've changed your email address, Indeed will send a confirmation email to the new address you entered.
  • Click the confirmation link within the confirmation email in your new email's inbox to finalize the change.
  • What do I message my employer on Indeed?

    Express your gratitude.

  • Wait two weeks.
  • Be brief and clear.
  • Confirm your interest.
  • Reiterate your top qualifications.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Contact the hiring manager.
  • Opt for email when possible.
  • Time your call right.
  • How do I remove my email from Indeed?

    Open an email alert you received from Indeed. Scroll to the bottom of the email. Click the 'unsubscribe' button.

    How do you message your employer?

    Begin with a polite greeting

    Whenever you ping an employer on JOB TODAY (or on any other instant messaging platform), start your conversation with a polite “Hello” or “Hi”. You're smart 😀 you already know that stating upfront that you've applied for their job won't create the best first impression.

    How do I view my Indeed application?

    To view the current status of an application submitted directly through Indeed, first navigate to your My Jobs page and select the 'Applied' folder. In your 'Applied' folder you will see all of the jobs you've applied to directly through our site while signed in to your account.

    How do I get my Indeed profile URL?

    Visit and sign into your account. Click “Post a job” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Select “Apply with URL” under the “Application Settings” section. Insert the application form link under the “Where should job seekers be sent to apply for this job?” field.

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