How do you put your GPA on a resume?

Put it in the education section of your resume.

Your GPA should go in the education section of your resume. This section will also include where you went to school and what degrees you received. You can also mention any academic honors and awards in this section.

Should I put my GPA on a job application?

You should include your GPA if you are a current student or recent graduate (within the last three years) of a college or high school and your GPA is above 3.5. In some cases, employers may specifically ask applicants for their GPA, which means you need to include it no matter what it is.

How do you write GPA?

In most cases, list your GPA as follows: GPA 3.5. If you are listing your major GPA, as opposed to your overall GPA, make sure to label this clearly. You can list your overall and major GPA if they are both outstanding. If you are listing your GPA beside honors, place it in parenthesis.

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