How much does it cost to post a resume on Indeed?

Professional subscriptions also come with extra features like the ability to contact more than one candidate at a time and additional hiring insights. Pricing for Indeed Resume: Standard Subscription: $100/month. Professional Subscription: $250/month.

How can I upload my resume from my phone?

From Google Drive on your lap/desktop, click New > File Upload > select résumé in PDF and Word. Momentarily your résumé will appear on your android or iPhone. From your phone, you can share it via email or text to recruiters. You should store your résumés in both PDF format and MS Word.

How many resumes should you send out a day?

This means you should be applying for roughly two to three jobs per business day. The most effective way to organize your job search is to set a schedule each day for the time you only focus on your job search.

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Does indeed charge to view resumes?

At present, searching Indeed Resume is free while most employers pay on a per contact basis for each candidate they reach out to. In early 2018 the model will change: searching the database will remain free, but employers will need a subscription to contact candidates.

How do I upload my resume from Google Docs to indeed?

  • You can create an Indeed Resume through your Indeed account.
  • If you already have a resume saved on your device, click on the "Upload Resume" button and select the file you would like to upload.
  • When uploading your resume, make sure that the file is text-based.
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