For you to succeed in high ticket closing, you must first understand the psychology of your customers. You need a clear mind-set and quite frankly, you need to have good communication skills to be good at closing sales. Fortunately you can learn that by taking the online course offered by Dan.

How much does a high ticket Closer make?

A High Ticket Closer is a sales professional who closes deals for an influencer or for a business. The influencer could be a business or life coach, or an individual offering a program that's $3,000 to $100,000. The influencer has generated a steady stream of leads from their marketing, their webinars, or a workshop.

How long does it take to become a high ticket closer?

The High Ticket Closing Program is an intense 7-week program. Students are taken through a curriculum designed to turn someone who has absolutely no sales experience, into a High-Ticket Closer. At the end of those 7 weeks, they emerge as a completely different person.

How do you get into a high ticket closing?

  • Don't Run Before You Can Walk - Short Vs Long Sales Cycle Leads.
  • Companies Are Highly Protective Of Their Leads.
  • Always Be Prospecting.
  • Always Be Growing, Always Be Closing.
  • Do Your Due Diligence On The Companies You Sell For.
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    How do high ticket closers find clients?

    Although many high-ticket items can be sold online; a high ticket closer will generally speak to their potential clients using a discovery call prior to them making a purchasing decision.

    How do I become a deal closer?

  • Make a Commitment to Greatness.
  • Get Multiple and Creative Closing Strategies.
  • Believe Price is the Issue.
  • Sell Your Story, Quit Buying the Customer's Story.
  • Insist and Get the Close.
  • Tie Financial Goals to Closing Sales.
  • Train on Becoming a Closing Master.
  • How do I become a freelance inbound closer?

    What is Dan Lok high ticket closing?

    Dan Lok is seen as the celebrity authority in high-ticket sales, also known as High-Ticket Closing™. Unlike conventional sales, High-Ticket Closing™ involves closing high-ticket offers and understanding the deep psychology of sophisticated and affluent customers.

    What are high ticket products?

    High-ticket items are a high-value and high-priced product or service. They cost a bit of money and offer buyers a high value. These items can include expensive products like cars, jewelry, and high-end bikes. And they could be services like coaching, webinars, and training.

    Is high ticket closing good?

    High ticket closing is a valuable skill. The greater the value of your sales, the faster your revenue can increase. But in order to close on high ticket deals (and do so consistently), even seasoned sales professionals may need to rethink their sales strategies.

    What is high ticket closer job?

    A High Ticket Closer ™ is a sales professional who provides solutions to problems. Similar to how a doctor writes a prescription only if the patient needs it, a closer won't sell a prospect an offer if they aren't the right fit.

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