How do I stay out of work politics?

  • They're Watching You.
  • Don't Vent at Work.
  • Think Long-Term.
  • Identify Backstabbers.
  • Choose Your Friends Carefully.
  • Stay Informed.
  • Don't Gossip.
  • Communicate with Your Boss.
  • How do you thrive in politics?

  • Always conduct yourself like the professional you are.
  • Reach out to the right people for help.
  • Find out who the key people are in your organization.
  • Protect and defend your team.
  • Don't ignore office politics, embrace it.
  • How can we avoid dirty politics?

  • Stay Positive Today and Forever.
  • Say NO to Workplace Bullying.
  • Put an End to Gossip.
  • Focus Completely on Work Goals.
  • Document Everything That is Important.
  • Identify the Negative Influencers.
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    How do you politic?

  • Be Aware You Have a Choice. The most common reactions to politics at work are either fight or flight.
  • Know What You Are Trying to Achieve.
  • Focus on Your Circle of Influence.
  • Don't Take Sides.
  • Don't Get Personal.
  • Seek to Understand, Before Being Understood.
  • Think Win-Win.
  • Is it OK to discuss politics at work?

    However, many states — including California — prohibit employers from directing or controlling employees' political activities. For example, an employer cannot allow people to talk about politics if they support his views, but not if they support opposing ideologies.

    How do you survive in an office life?

  • Move your body.
  • Find a friend.
  • Try the pomodoro technique.
  • Pack your lunch.
  • Save some of every paycheque.
  • Make and stick to a budget.
  • Take time for yourself and life outside of the office.
  • Don't stare at your screen all day.
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