When should you decide your major?

When do you declare a major? Generally at most four-year colleges you don't have to decide on a major until the end of your sophomore year. This gives you time to try a couple of classes and see what you like before you decide, and earn general education credits that count toward your degree.

What is the best major to pick?

  • Computer Science.
  • Communications.
  • Government/Political Science.
  • Business.
  • Economics.
  • English Language and Literature.
  • Psychology.
  • Nursing.
  • How do you choose a major if you are undecided?

  • Communication. Whether you like to read, write or talk, communication can grow your skill set and broaden your horizons.
  • English. If English is your first language, consider making it your major.
  • Health Science.
  • Psychology.
  • Economics.
  • Business.
  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
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    What major is guaranteed a job?

    A career in accounting or finance will always be a safe bet. In fact, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, or NACE, named these two fields the top two in-demand degrees for 2018. Every organization needs an accounting department.

    What majors will be in demand in the future?

    The 10 Best College Majors For The Future

  • Physical Therapy.
  • Nursing.
  • Construction Management.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Medical Technology.
  • Medical Assistance.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Computer Information Systems. Computer majors are gaining in popularity and employment potential as well.
  • What are the easiest majors?

  • Business Administration. Average GPA: 3.2.
  • Psychology. Average GPA: 3.3.
  • Education. Average GPA: 3.6.
  • Social Work. Average GPA: 3.4.
  • Public Relations & Advertising. Average GPA: 3.0.
  • Criminal Justice. Average GPA: 3.1.
  • Journalism. Average GPA: 3.2.
  • Economics. Average GPA: 3.0.
  • What are the best majors for introverts?

  • Computer Science. If you have the logical and technical skills to learn complicated computer programs and code for multiple hours a day, you should absolutely consider a career in computer science.
  • Accounting.
  • Marketing.
  • Economics.
  • Art.
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