• Buy Yourself Some Time. One way to ensure a measured, thoughtful response to a telephone job offer is to ask for a bit of time so that you can mull
  • Decline on the Spot. It's acceptable to respond to the phone offer on the spot, with a polite thanks-but-no-thanks response.
  • Prepare for Discussion. If an employer is very interested in retaining you, the employer may push forward with questions or she may have better offers for you, in an attempt
  • Returning a Call. If you get a voice mail message that includes a job offer, then you're in the position of initiating the call-back yourself.
  • How do you decline a job offer over the phone?

    Dear [Name], I would like to thank you for your phone call yesterday and offer of the role of [job title] at [company]. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss salary expectations with me. Unfortunately, I am declining this role since the salary does not meet my present financial requirements.

    How do I decline a job offer via email or phone?

  • You will not burn a bridge just because you decline a job offer.
  • Tell the employer as soon as you're sure of your decision.
  • It's okay to decline the job in an email, but a phone call is better.
  • You should give a reason, but it can be vague.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • How do you reject a job offer via email?

  • A subject line with your full name listed and a reference to the job offered (e.g., “Job Offer – Your Name”)
  • A professional greeting.
  • Your thanks and appreciation for the offer.
  • State the fact that you have chosen to decline the offer.
  • A signature with your contact information.
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