How do you politely decline an interview?

Thank you so much for considering me for your [job title] position with [Company Name]. However, I regret that I will have to withdraw my application at this time. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Is it unprofessional to cancel an interview?

Is It Unprofessional to Cancel an Interview? Canceling a job interview doesn't exactly look good. But if you're confident that you don't want the job, making a wise decision for your career and not wasting anyone else's time isn't necessarily unprofessional.

How do I decline an interview from a recruiter?

  • Thanks for reaching out, but this position is not of interest to me.
  • Thanks for reaching out to me.
  • Thanks for the email.
  • I am not interested in making a move at this time.
  • Thank you for thinking of me for this interesting position -- I truly appreciate it.
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    Should I go to an interview for a job I don't want?

    If you've found yourself in a position where you are interviewing for a job you don't want, you may be thinking about canceling the interview altogether. However, it's still usually a good idea to proceed with the interview, even if you suspect not being interested in accepting an offer.

    How do I cancel my emergency interview?

    Give plenty of notice.

    If it's a real emergency and you really can't give over 24 hours' notice, be sure to let them know as soon as possible. If you just wish to cancel your interview and not reschedule, contact the hiring manager as soon as you've made that decision.

    How do you say no to a second interview?

    Keep your reason for declining the interview vague. In all likelihood, you'll be asked “why,” so keep your answer brief. Say you've accepted another opportunity, but try to keep the details to yourself. Or, say you've decided to stay at your current company, but don't effuse about what a great guy your boss is.

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