How do I share my LinkedIn profile link?

  • Locate the LinkedIn app on your iPhone or Android's home screen and tap to open.
  • Go to the profile you wish to share.
  • Click the "Moreā€¦" button in the introduction card of the profile you're sharing.
  • On iOS, choose Share via private message.
  • Do I have a LinkedIn URL?

    Click View Profile to go to your profile page. 4. Once your profile loads, look at the URL bar at the top of your web browser. The URL there is your LinkedIn URL.

    What are good LinkedIn public profile URL?

    The default URL would look like- "". Whereas the URL of any in-crowd member would appear as: "" With a URL like this, you will look like a savvy LinkedIn user, and the URL will look much better whenever and wherever you post it.

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    How do I list my LinkedIn profile on my resume?

    Where to List Your LinkedIn URL on Your Resume. List your LinkedIn URL in the contact section of your resume after your email address.

    What does a LinkedIn URL look like on a resume?

    On your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail. Under Edit URL in the right rail, click the Edit pencil icon next to your public profile URL. It'll be an address that looks like

    How do I write my LinkedIn profile?

  • #1 Fill Out Your Profile Thoroughly.
  • #2 Make a Custom Profile URL.
  • #3 Pick the Right Profile Photo.
  • #4 Get Your Headline Right.
  • #5 Create a Summary That Stands Out.
  • #6 Optimize Your Experience Section.
  • #7 Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.
  • #8 Show Off Your Work.
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