Do car salesmen make good money?

The short answer is that most car salespeople don't earn a whole hell of a lot of money. Dealership salespeople average about 10 car sales per month, and earn an average of about $40k per year. New vehicle sales rarely pay $300+ commissions, while used cars can sometimes pay $1,000 commissions.

How hard is it to become a car salesman?

It can take several hours to work with potential customers, getting to know them and their needs and finding the most appropriate vehicles for them to consider. A car salesperson may take customers on test drives, discuss financing and trade-in value, and then go through lengthy financial paperwork processes.

Is auto sales a good career?

Many people view a career in auto sales as a job filled with long hours and the need to employ hard closing techniques. However, a career in auto sales can be very rewarding. Those who are successful in auto sales understand that their success is not dependent upon the brand of car that they sell.

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What are the pros and cons of being a car salesman?

Top 10 Being a Car Salesman Pros & Cons – Summary List

Being a Car Salesman ProsBeing a Car Salesman Cons
Most car salespersons have free weekendsYou may have to meet ambitious goals
You don't have to work outdoorsDifficult to get out of this industry
You will learn a lot about carsYou have to deal with difficult clients

How many cars does the average salesman sell?

The average automobile salesman sells between 200 and 1,000 cars per year. Most average over one per day. Although many salesmen work partially for salary, many include "commission on sales" as a significant part of their compensation, placing them under some pressure to sell cars.

How do car salesmen survive?

  • 1) Know the Car You Want.
  • 2) Know When to Go.
  • 3) Don't Go Without Preapproved Financing.
  • 4) Dress for Success.
  • 5) Remember It Is a Business Transaction.
  • 6) There's Strength in Numbers.
  • 7) Test Drive With a Plan.
  • 8) Know the Value of Your Trade.
  • Do car salesmen get the down payment?

    Where Down Payments Go. If you're buying a vehicle from a dealership, any cash down or trade-in equity that you want to use is put toward the car's selling price. This means the dealership takes the down payment and it knocks down how much you need to finance with your auto lender.

    How are BMW salesman paid?

    The salesman gets a percentage of the gross profit, usually about 20% so if you offer $800.00 over invoice, he will only net $160.00 for his efforts. Most of the salesmen in the dealership sell between 7 and 15 vehicles per month so if they were all deals like yours, well would that kind of income work for you?

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