Here are the 6 best ways to get what you want. Add them to your arsenal, and you’ll be ready to step up and conquer. 1. Ask. Ask and be specific. It sounds so obvious, and yet sometimes we expect to get exactly what we want without being clear as to what that is. Sometimes without ever having asked for it at all. Have you been wanting a raise?

How do you get what you want?

  • Focus on commitment, not motivation.
  • Seek knowledge, not results.
  • Make the journey fun.
  • Get rid of stagnating thoughts.
  • Use your imagination.
  • Stop being nice to yourself.
  • Get rid of distractions.
  • Don't rely on others.
  • How do you get what you want in life?

  • Calculate your lifestyle net worth.
  • Move past failure.
  • Change your mindset.
  • Practice 'vibrational giving'
  • Work hard and know your 'why'
  • Slow down and meditate.
  • Develop your network.
  • Focus on self-development.
  • How can I make my own life?

  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Start your day the night before.
  • Be ready to grow up.
  • Drop the attitude.
  • Don't ignore your emotions, but remember that feelings aren't facts.
  • Watch out for negative thinking.
  • Set up and stick to a routine.
  • Drop your resentments.
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    Is anything possible in life?

    When you are present, conscious and living with intentional purpose, you know, at a deep level, that anything is possible… when you follow certain principles. Any result is achievable and any state of mind can be attained… when you focus your intention with clarity and purpose toward the outcome you desire.

    How can I live my dream life?

  • Think in Possibilities and not Limitations.
  • Ignore Societal Comparisons.
  • Change the Game Don't Let the Game Change You.
  • Put away the Phone and Be Present.
  • Remove Excessive Possessions.
  • Spend Time with Friends Who Help You Level Up.
  • Why is the life so hard?

    Life will always seem hard when we hinge our happiness on the others. Whether that's a spouse or a friend or someone else, happiness is not sourced from other people, it comes from within. Or on their overall happiness. Even worse, when that person makes your life more difficult, it's hard to keep your sanity.

    How can I improve my life in 7 days?

  • Begin learning a new skill. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn, but have never made the time for?
  • Give yourself a reward every day.
  • Start an exercise program.
  • Declutter your environment.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Confront a fear.
  • Reconnect with an old friend.
  • How do I build love for my life?

  • Desire. It is our job to figure out who we are, what our talents and strengths are and to nurture those.
  • Never settle for average.
  • Choose to excel.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Freedom.
  • Leave your mark.
  • How can I train myself to be successful?

  • Step 1: The right attitude. The first lesson sounds banal, but it's the most important: Pay attention to your attitude.
  • Step 2: Set measurable goals.
  • Step 3: Develop your charisma.
  • Step 4: Strengthen willpower.
  • Step 5: Build mental strength.
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