How do you list CFA on a resume?

  • Include your designation after your name. (For example: “Jane Doe, CFA”)
  • Include your charterholder status in the certifications or education section of your resume as “CFA® charterholder, CFA Institute.”
  • You may also include the date your charter was issued.
  • Is CFA good for resume?

    The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification is a big asset for an investment professional and should be highlighted on a resume. List your CFA status under Skills and Certifications or Professional Development, in a section that follows Experience and then Education.

    Is the CFA hard?

    Overall, the CFA exams are very difficult, but candidates can increase their chances of passing by studying for over 300 hours, utilizing alternative prep materials, answering as many practice questions as possible, and creating a structured study plan.

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    Can I do MBA after CFA?

    Many friends of mine have done CFA while they were pursuing MBA. You can do MBA after CFA aswell. it is definitely good if you are interested in CFA curriculum and you understand why you want to do CFA. its a very rigorous exam and demands lot of hardwork to achieve that CFA charterholder.

    Can CFA get you a job?

    Although being a CFA charterholder doesn't guarantee you a job, you are much more likely to advance in your career or find the perfect finance job if you've earned your charter.

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