Should I list patents on my resume?

If you are listed on a patent, then you are legally the inventor of the patent. You should, and have every right to list yourself as such on your resume. Although not required, you can state that you were assisted by others in the invention process.

How do you list provisional patents on a resume?

When you filed your provisional patent application, you should have received an application number (probably something along the line of 6X/XXX,XXX). In your resume, just the same way you'd add a publication, you can include something like: “[Provisional Patent Application Title],” U.S. Provisional Pat.

How do you cite a patent?

To cite a patent in APA Style, list the name of the inventor, the year it was issued (in parentheses), the title of the patent (in italics), the patent number, the name of the issuing body, and the URL if available.

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How do I list patent pending?

You should place your patent pending notice in a place that will stand out. It should be visible on the product, product packaging, your website, and any marketing material. You can then convert this phrasing to your patent number once it is issued.

Can you cite a provisional patent?

Yes you can cite in your paper a PPA. You can provide the author/maker/inventor's name, title patent, and application/filing number.

What is the difference between a publication number and a patent number?

Publication number: the number assigned when the patent application is published at 18 months after filing; and. Patent number: the number assigned when the application becomes a patent.

How do I search for a US patent application?

  • USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT)
  • USPTO Patent Application Full-Text and Image Database (AppFT)
  • Global Dossier.
  • Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR)
  • Public Search Facility.
  • Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs)
  • How do you cite a patent in text?

  • Name of the inventor to whom the patent was issued.
  • Year the patent was issued,
  • Unique patent identifier (i.e., the patent number)
  • Name of the official source of the patent information (usually the name of the patent office).
  • How do you list a patent on a website?

  • Physically mark your invention with either the word “patent” or a related abbreviation for the word patent (e.g., “pat.”).
  • Physically mark your invention with the web address where the list of your patents and corresponding patent numbers can be found.
  • How do you cite a patent nature?

    APA style (7th edition, 2020, page 366)

    Inventor(s). (Year). Patent Title (Patent Number). Source.

    What do you put under organizations on LinkedIn?

    In the Organization field, type the name of the organization. In the Position(s) Held field, type the position you held. If you didn't have an official title, such as President or Treasurer, you can use: Member, Key Contributor, Team Member, Patron, Supporter, Sponsor, Subscriber, Angel, or Backer.

    How do you add a professional organization to LinkedIn?

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