What do you say when messaging a recruiter?

  • “I'm thinking of trying a different career”
  • “I'm looking to find a job in your (insert area here)”
  • “I would love to set a time to call you or meet in person for a quick chat to discuss my career options.”
  • Can I message recruiters?

    Often, reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn won't produce results right away. But you can do something to ensure you stay at the top of this recruiter's mind: stay in touch. Don't be obnoxious — it's a bad idea to email the recruiter every week asking if he or she has anything for you.

    How do you connect with recruiters?

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    Is it okay to email recruiter at night?

    Yes - you most certainly can. In fact you can email Recruiters anytime you want to: after hours, over the weekend, holidays, etc. While some Recruiters do remain “off the grid” outside of work hours, at the very least, they would not at all feel annoyed or offended at you trying to reach them.

    How do you send an email to a recruiter sample?

    Dear [NAME], Earlier this month, I made the decision to begin looking for a new career opportunity. It's been a great [NUMBER] years working at [COMPANY NAME] as their [JOB TITLE]. I'm looking for a new company to challenge me and grow my skill set in [SKILL NAME], [SKILL NAME] and [SKILL NAME].

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