How do you contact people on care com?

Get in touch with their customer service department on the phone. You can reach a Care customer service representative by phone at 1-877-227-3115.

How do I use care chat on care com?

Here's how it works: When you use messaging on or try to share your phone number, you will be asked to activate CareChat. You will also be prompted to activate CareChat if you tap the phone icon in messaging. To activate CareChat, you simply enter and confirm your mobile number.

Do I have to pay to contact someone on care com?

Our platform requires that one member be Premium in order to communicate. You are not required to upgrade as a care provider, you can apply to jobs and advertise your services with your free Basic membership.

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Does Care Com have video chat?

We have introduced a new feature enabling Video Interviews between families and caregivers. A Video Interview can be initiated by the family if your Settings & Privacy are set to accept video calls. You have the option to message the family to request to reschedule the interview.

What do I write on care COM application?

In your letter of introduction/application/intent etc., your wording should be succinct (straight to the point) with highlights of your experience, what you have to offer, reiterate what the family is looking for, a link to your resume, and thanking them for considering your application.

What is CARE chat?

When you use messaging on, you will receive a notification asking you to set up CareChat. It allows you to receive calls securely from other members on your mobile phone while keeping your number private.

Can you give your number on care com?

Erin, no longer allows members to share their personal phone number via their accounts. Instead, members are now able to use our CareChat feature, which allows Premium members the ability to make calls to prospective caregivers on their mobile phone without sharing their personal number.

Does Care com charge caregivers?

Caregiver Premium Membership: For caregivers, it costs $20 per month for a premium membership. There are also additional services that you can pay for, including providing a background check and paying to appear at the top of peoples' list.

Is care Com safe to use?

Yes, is legitimate. has an online presence in over 20 countries worldwide, helping more than 22 million people connect with caregivers for the support they need at home.

Does Care com take taxes out?

If your employer is overwhelmed by the process, let them know that HomePay can take care of those tax and payroll issues for them.

Why does care com keep charging me?

If you're wondering why charged you for another month, that's because our subscriptions automatically renew. We know you're crazy busy, and it's hard to keep track of every detail of your subscription — so we're here to help and answer your questions.

What does professional pay mean on care com?

"Professional pay" means getting paid legally, or "over the table." So the employer would report earnings and withhold taxes. Aside from not having to worry about running afoul of the IRS, being paid legally also gives you a documented work history, which is typically required if you want to get a car loan or mortgage.

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