How can I stand out in an interview?

  • Be prepared.
  • Remember that your interview starts in the lobby.
  • Be enthusiastic, but not manic.
  • Prepare for the inevitable first question.
  • Always be honest and humble.
  • Imitate behaviors of your interviewer.
  • Answer questions with stories and specific examples.
  • How do you know if you rocked your interview?

  • The interview ran longer than planned.
  • You felt a rapport with the interviewer.
  • The interviewer had positive body language.
  • You were asked about other job prospects.
  • You were invited to meet others in the company.
  • You were encouraged to stay in touch.
  • How do you stand out in 2020 interview?

  • Research the company.
  • Wear bold colors.
  • Arrive early to your interview.
  • Showcase your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Describe your accomplishments.
  • Give them samples of previous projects.
  • Present a 30-60-90 plan.
  • Ask unique questions.
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