How do I search for resumes?

  • Go to
  • Enter the skill sets, previous job titles, and location that you are looking to hire in the What and Where boxes.
  • Select Find Resumes and search through the pool of candidates.
  • After completing the steps above, use the left-hand sidebar to filter the results further.
  • How do you search for candidates on Google?

  • Step 1: Select a Search Engine You Wish to X-Ray. Using a search engine such as Google, you X-ray the site using the “site:” command.
  • Step 2: Setting Up Your Basic Boolean String.
  • Step 3: Add Keywords and/or Location.
  • Step 4: Further Narrow Your Results.
  • How do I get Google to display my resume?

  • Keep the resume well-structured.
  • Name each section in a conventional way.
  • Include keywords likely to interest your employer.
  • Make sure the document you hand in can be parsed.
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    How do I find applicants?

  • Post to the right job boards. It's common knowledge to post to job boards when looking for candidates.
  • Develop a strong, detailed job description.
  • Network.
  • Take advantage of your web site.
  • Implement an employee referral program.
  • What is Google XRAY search?

    X-Ray search, also known as Boolean search, is a method we use to locate highly relevant and precise results from websites by combining phrases, keywords, and symbols into the search bar. To put it briefly, it is the use of Boolean search strings on the Google search engine.

    How do you spell resume on job application?

    The three acceptable spellings are resume (with no such accents), résumé (with two accents) and resumé (with only a single accent on the end). Misspellings would include using the wrong accent or putting the accent over the wrong first 'e' but not the second.

    How do I get past the resume screening software?

  • Choose the Right Keywords.
  • Use Critical Keywords More Than Once.
  • Incorporate a Skills Section or a Summary of Qualifications.
  • Customize Your Resume for the Job.
  • Don't Leave off the Dates of Your Employment.
  • Keep the Format Simple and Avoid Fancy Graphics.
  • How many resumes does Google get a year?

    Every year, Google receives over one million resumes and applications. Only 4,000-6000 applicants will actually be hired — that's less than a 1% hiring rate.

    How do I get my resume noticed online?

  • Be keyword-driven. The ATS algorithm scans for keywords that are based on the position description.
  • Keep the formatting simple.
  • Watch your acronyms.
  • Consider your job title.
  • Have your cover letter on hand but…
  • Be mindful of the hard requirements.
  • Where do recruiters search for candidates?

    Job boards offer huge candidate pools.

    Candidates upload their resumes so that recruiters can easily find them. A resume database works well for people who aren't actively looking for a job but who are open to new opportunities.

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