When an employer asks for salary requirements?

When an employer asks about your salary expectations, it's usually for three reasons:

  • They have a budget.
  • They want to gauge how well you know your worth.
  • They want to determine whether you're at the appropriate professional level.
  • Should you put salary requirements on an application?

    The short answer to your question is that you should include in your job application as high a salary requirement as you can reasonably justify. Do your research to get your number—learn as much as possible about the position and comparable salaries from local and industry sources and job sites.

    Why do employers ask for desired salary?

    Employers ask about your desired salary to learn what kind of salary you're anticipating. If they feel that what you are asking for is too high, they may try to negotiate a lower number. That's why it's important to know what your salary range is.

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