How do I see previous Indeed apps?

In order to review the files you are sending in your application, the last step of the application process is a review page. This page allows you to check your application one final time before submitting. The application review page will include your resume, cover letter and any other documents you may have submitted.

How do I remove a job from indeed?

How do I unarchive a job on Indeed?

Indeed does not allow users to withdraw or alter applications that have already been submitted, unless an employer specifically provides the option to do so. Because of this, it's important to review your application and fix any errors before submitting it to the employer.

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Can employers see if you save a job on LinkedIn?

Can my employer see my saved jobs on LinkedIn? No. According to LinkedIn, all application activity is private and not visible to your network.

How do I find archived workable jobs?

Archived jobs will appear at the very bottom of the job dashboard. You will not be able to communicate with candidates who are in an archived job, but all candidate data is still accessible on your account.

Can you reapply and withdraw from application?

Withdrawing your job application will not allow you to re-apply for that job. You can only re-activate your original application.

What is archived on Indeed?

When you archive a job, it is removed from your “Closed Jobs” list, but not deleted. Instead, it is simply stored in your “Archived Jobs” page. The candidates associated with this job will not be altered.

Do LinkedIn job postings expire?

Job posts automatically expire 30 days after they are posted. You can close your job and reopen it at any time if a slot is available. Once you reopen it, the open job will post for another 30 days.

Why do job postings get removed?

A job posting may be deleted before the job interview because the job position has been filled in, there is a surplus, shortage, or enough applicants, the ad platform subscription has ended, the job posting period has ended, the job description is being edited, or the job posting is illegitimate. What is this?

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