What to do if you just got fired?

  • Ask The Right Questions.
  • Negotiate The Terms Of Your Departure.
  • Check if You Qualify for Unemployment Benefits.
  • Reach Out to Your Network.
  • Start Brushing Up Your Resume.
  • Set Job Alerts.
  • Have Faith In Yourself.
  • What to say when getting fired?

    'Thank you' or 'It's been an honor/privilege working with you' Since final impressions last, thank your boss for the opportunity to work in the company and for the experience you gained. It might be tough to do when you're feeling angry or hurt, but you'll be so glad you did it later on.

    How do you bounce back from being fired?

  • Deal with the Shock of Getting Fired.
  • Stay Away from the Drama Queens.
  • Take a Break and Let the Dust Settle.
  • Be Anchored in the Present.
  • Understand the “Why”
  • Find out If You Were the Right Fit.
  • Rediscover Your Strengths and Talents.
  • Get the Word Out.
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