What jobs can you get with a degree in political science?

Top 10 Jobs for Political Science Majors

  • Policy Analyst.
  • Legislative Assistant.
  • Public Relations Specialist.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Marketing Research Analyst.
  • Political Consultant.
  • Attorney.
  • Intelligence Analyst.
  • Is political science a good major?

    As part of a liberal arts education that enhances skills in analytical reading, research, analysis, and writing, political science makes students good candidates for a job in almost any area, including business, finance, consulting, government work, the foreign service, and teaching.

    Can I get an HR job with a political science degree?

    You can get into HR as an entry-level employee after gaining experience with a summer job or internship, depending on the organization. Why is political science a fit here? You have an understanding of how people and groups behave and interact with institutions, and that's what this job is all about.

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