What documents does a child need to travel to Canada?

Entry into Canada: Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens. Children under 16 need only present proof of U.S. citizenship.

Can I take my minor child to Canada?

Answer: Minors age 15 and under may travel to Canada by land or sea with just proof of citizenship like their U.S. birth certificates. If traveling with just one parent, it is recommended that a notarized consent to travel from the other parent be carried in case border officials ask for it.

Do you need a notarized letter to travel with child to Canada?

There is no Canadian requirement to have the consent letter witnessed by a notary public. However we strongly recommend doing so, as border officials will be less likely to question the authenticity of the letter.

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Do minors have to quarantine in Canada?

Unvaccinated children less than 12 years of age who enter Canada with a fully vaccinated parent, step-parent, guardian or tutor, are not required to quarantine if the child follows all the requirements for fully vaccinated travellers and complies with the conditions of the Minister of Health in this handout.

When can a child fly alone?

How Old Do Kids Have to Be to Fly Alone? Airlines generally consider children between the ages of 5 and 14 who travel without a parent or guardian to be “unaccompanied minors.” For kids between 15 and 17, unaccompanied minor service is typically optional.

Can you go to Canada alone at 17?

Children under the age of 16 traveling between the U.S. and Canada without both of their parents or a legal guardian are considered "unaccompanied minors" and require special permissions at the borders of both countries to prevent abductions and runaways. When entering Canada, "children" are defined as 17 and younger.

How do you travel with a minor?

A Child Travel Consent form (sometimes called a letter of permission to travel) provides proof that a child has permission to travel without both (or either) legal guardians present. If a child is crossing borders alone or with an adult who isn't their legal guardian, they need a consent letter signed by both parents.

Can a mother travel with a child without father's permission?

In order to be granted a passport, the US State Department requires all children under the age of 16 to have permission from both parents. Parents with sole custody are granted permission to travel out of country with their children without permission from the child's other parent.

Can a child travel to Canada with a birth certificate?

All minors entering Canada must present evidence of citizenship, such as a government-issued birth certificate, a passport or passport card at the Canadian border. The child's parent or guardian should also have proof of the child's identity.

What documentation do I need to fly with my child?

To prove your child's age to an airline, one of the following documents will suffice: Child's passport (how to get a U.S. passport for an infant and things to know about children's passports) Child's birth certificate. Child's immunization form or other medical records may also work domestically.

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