What do you enjoy least about your job?

How to answer "What do you like least about your current job?

  • Discuss a positive aspect of your previous role.
  • Talk about tasks and situations when highlighting your dislikes.
  • Acknowledge the current status of your job situation.
  • Discuss your potential and skills that show your qualifications for the job.
  • What things do you not like to do?

    10 Things You Hate To Do

  • Get out of bed to go to the bathroom when you're already swaddled in your comforter. You finally get comfortable.
  • The dishes.
  • Go out with people when you really feel like staying home.
  • Repeating yourself.
  • Cry.
  • Sneeze as soon as you put food in your mouth.
  • Go to school/your job.
  • Public speaking.
  • What are you not good at professionally examples?

    For example:

  • Tardiness.
  • Short temper.
  • Lack of organization.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Stubbornness.
  • Messiness.
  • Poor time management.
  • Bossiness.
  • Related Question what are two examples of work-related tasks that you do not particularly enjoy doing?

    What are work related tasks?

    Job tasks are duties or responsibilities that you perform on a job. Most workers perform numerous tasks on their jobs. For example, a secretary may arrange meetings, type letters and run errands for her boss. The tasks that people perform on jobs are usually related to their job description.

    What are things you don't like?

    100 things I don't like

  • spiders and all bugs.
  • peas, beans, eggs.
  • sound of metal scraping on metal.
  • hot beverages.
  • warm squishy fruit.
  • sticky hands.
  • people who don't clean their teeth properly.
  • sandals on men.
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