How do you answer what are you currently working on?

  • Start from a Yes or No.
  • Make it authentic.
  • Keep it nice and short.
  • Be specific about your experience and the brand(s) which you worked for.
  • Try to be convincing, but avoid overestimating.
  • What is correct working in or working on?

    They are both correct depending on the use. I work with her in the new rice research project. I work in this office, that's why I am here.

    Where are you working Meaning?

    The difference between “Where are you working” and “where do you work” is subtle. “Where are you working” is the correct choice if you're asking someone where they are employed, whereas “where do you work” is the correct choice if you're asking someone where their place of employment is located.

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    What does working on it mean?

    (work on something) to spend time producing or improving something.

    Did a good job on or in?

    Use “on” 90% of the time. “On” tells us what you did a good job on. “In” can tell us where or when you did a good job. (In this answer, I'll treat “good job,” “good work,” “great job,” and “great work,” as the same word.

    Are you working at or in?

    Both can be correct, depending on context. If the focus is location, and you're saying you work in a particular place, it's “at”: “I'm currently working at Acme.

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