Are bullet points good for resumes?

Bullet points should absolutely be used on your resume, and will not make you look lazy. Instead, they will help draw recruiters or hiring managers' attention to important points while allowing them to read through your resume faster.

How many bullets points should be on a resume?

So, how many bullet points should you use? Though it should vary from person to person, you should really use at least 3-4 bullet points per section that you need to detail-and no more than 6-7.

How long should a bullet point be on a resume?

Write between 3–6 bullet points per job in your work experience section. Make them 1–2 lines each. Use more bullet points for your most recent and relevant experience.

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Can you use bullet points in a job application?

You can use bullet points in the work experience section of your resume. Under each job, include two to four bullet points that outline any accomplishments or duties that relate to the job you're applying to. Be specific about what you accomplished, referencing specific results and data.

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