Is it legal for an employer to change your job description?

In California, an employer may change an employee's job description to add additional duties if the employee is hired at will. “At-will employment” means an employer can change an employee's job duties, pay, title, hours, and more, and apply those changes to any future work.

What do you do when a company changes your job description?

  • Talk to your supervisor and be as direct as possible.
  • Use the opportunity to learn and improve.
  • Ask your supervisor for rewards other than a new title or more money.
  • Don't complain.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Is a job description legally binding?

    It is good practice, but not a legal requirement, for your employer to give you a detailed job description. However, the written statement of particulars, which your employer must give you on or before your first day at work, must contain the title and/or a brief description of your job.

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    Can you change a job description without consultation?

    Flexibility clauses allow an employer to change the duties of the job without the employee's consent. These types of clauses can usually be found in a job description along the lines of “along with the main duties you will also be expected to carry out any other duties reasonably asked of you.”

    Is restructure a redundancy?

    What does this mean? Usually, it is the same people being employed but doing different jobs for different pay. This is often called a restructure, but sometimes it strays into redundancy if the requirement for people to do a particular job is eliminated and they cannot do another job instead.

    Is a job description part of an employment contract?

    Your job description forms part of your contract and terms of employment, and any changes made to this contract must be mutually agreed by both parties. In some cases, your original contract may expressly allow your employer to make changes from time to time.

    Can my employer change my job description without my consent South Africa?

    Labour law severely restricts the employer's right to make such changes without the employees' consent. Specifically, under the Labour Relations Act (LRA): The LRA prohibits the employer from firing employees who refuse to agree to changes in terms and conditions of employment.

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