Is a political science degree worth it?

Yes, a political science degree is worth it for many students. Some careers that require graduate studies include lawyer, political scientist, and historian. You may start with a bachelor's degree in political science and go on to earn a masters or doctoral degree that can provide credentials for high-level employment.

Is political science a worthless major?

Political science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. More importantly, they have a variety of well-paying careers to choose from, including law and politics. In short, a political science degree is anything but useless.

What political jobs pay the most?

The 20 Highest-Paying Jobs in Politics

  • Security specialist. Average annual salary: $40,000 (£29,360)
  • Journalist. Average annual salary: $49,300 (£36,180)
  • Media strategist.
  • Campaign manager.
  • Press secretary (tie)
  • Public relations specialist (tie)
  • Public affairs consultant.
  • Policy advisor.
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    Can I get a job with a political science degree?

    A degree in Political Science can help you launch a career in a wide variety of fields such as civil service, federal/provincial/local government, international agencies such as the United Nations, business, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, policy analysis, market research, interest/lobby groups, law, and

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