Is a Bachelor's in political science worth it?

Yes, a political science degree is worth it for many students. Some careers that require graduate studies include lawyer, political scientist, and historian. You may start with a bachelor's degree in political science and go on to earn a masters or doctoral degree that can provide credentials for high-level employment.

How much can you make with a bachelors in political science?

Political Science major graduates in America make, on average, $46,595 a year or $22.4 per hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $19,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $109,000. Most jobs for Political Science majors are in Professional companies and Technology companies.

Is political science a good paying major?

A political sciences degree offers a great many possibilities. A major in this field allows students to hone different skill-sets and identify their interests. Not only will you be able to attract top jobs, but this field also offers some highly lucrative salaries.

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What are the 4 fields of political science?

The department's instruction and research, including ongoing seminars and workshops, are structured around four traditional subfields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.

Are political science majors in demand?

Job Outlook

Employment of political scientists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

What can I do after political science degree?

If you choose political science as a major, you'll have a wide variety of options open to you after graduation.

  • 10 Job Options for Political Science Majors.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Legislative Assistant.
  • Public Relations Specialist.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Marketing Research Analyst.
  • Political Consultant.
  • Attorney.
  • Can you be a lawyer with a political science degree?

    Lawyer. Many students obtain a political science degree to prepare themselves for a career as a lawyer. A political science degree alone won't get you a job as a lawyer, though. For that, you'll need to attend and graduate law school to get your Juris Doctor, or J.D., also known as a law degree.

    What is the highest paid political position?

    1. President / Prime minister. Pretty self-explanatory, the office of the president or prime minister is the highest state position in politics, responsible for creating foreign and domestic policy.

    What is the highest paying job with a political science degree?

    Among the highest-paying careers for political science majors is that of a lawyer. While political science majors must attend law school to work in this field, the lifelong career path and high salary potential make it worth it.

    What high paying jobs can you get with a political science degree?

  • Market research analyst. National average salary: $17.39 per hour.
  • Political campaign staff. National average salary: $39,141 per year.
  • Legislator.
  • Intelligence analyst.
  • Political consultant.
  • Arbitrator.
  • Operations research analyst.
  • Public relations specialist.
  • Can you get a job with a political science degree?

    A degree in Political Science can help you launch a career in a wide variety of fields such as civil service, federal/provincial/local government, international agencies such as the United Nations, business, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, policy analysis, market research, interest/lobby groups, law, and

    How valuable is a political science degree?

    The BLS indicates that political scientists make a median salary of $122,220 per year. The chance to create meaningful change that has a positive effect on the world combined with a great salary is rare. And if you're passionate about it, it is definitely worth pursuing.

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