What personality do employers look for?

Here are the top traits and skills employers want you to have and why they are valuable: Integrity. Strong work ethic. Communicative.

What are the most common resume mistakes?

Here are just a few of the most common CV mistakes, according to five employers.

  • Having spelling errors and bad grammar.
  • Exaggerating the truth.
  • Poor formatting.
  • An unoriginal personal profile.
  • Not focusing on your achievements.
  • Making your CV too long.
  • Putting the wrong contact information.
  • What mistakes should be avoided while making your resume?

    Common resume mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Including a resume objective instead of a professional profile.
  • Unrelated work experience.
  • Not providing enough detail.
  • No references or too many references.
  • Irrelevant skills to the job role.
  • Using the same resume for all your applications.
  • Outdated or missing contact information.
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