What are the duties of a Production Assistant?

A Production Assistant, or Production Crew Assistant, serves on film, television or theater sets assisting the Producers and Directors of a production. Their main duties include printing and distributing scripts, relaying messages between crew members and running errands for Directors and Producers.

What do production assistants wear?

Production assistants should dress in comfortable, utilitarian clothing that allows them to stand on their feet for long periods of time while on set and running around as a gofer. If they're working outdoors, most set production assistants wear jeans and a t-shirt or jumper, along with a hat and sunscreen.

How old are production assistants?

Interestingly enough, the average age of Production Assistants is 40+ years old, which represents 45% of the population.

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What do gaffers do?

During filming, they work out the positioning of the lights and fastest way to change the lighting setups between shots. Gaffers mediate between the DoP and the rest of the lighting crew. They're also responsible for safety and need to comply with the law on electricity, driving and employment.

Do production assistants get paid?

The average salary in the U.S. for a production assistant is $32,149 per year. Salaries in this role can vary widely, depending on experience, education, additional skills, and certifications. Those who are paid at an hourly rate typically earn between $15 and $16 per hour.

Do production assistants get benefits?

Union Benefits

Additionally, PAs may earn some residual income when films or shows they work on earn significant income. This may provide only modest pay for typical PAs, but for those that work on big-budget productions, the extra money can be substantial.

Can production assistants wear shorts?

Wear loose-fitting tops and pants or shorts you can move around in. And when I say “comfort,” I don't just mean physical comfort. Although not everyone agrees with me, I would advise against tight fitting or low-cut shirts if you don't want to be stared at all day. A fellow PA holds a contrary position: “Let's face it.

Is it hard to get a production assistant job?

Even though it's an entry-level position, finding a Production Assistant gig is super competitive. This means hiring committees get to pick the best and brightest candidates, which usually means Production Assistants will have a college degree, usually from a film program.

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