What do you call a cement worker?

A concrete finisher, also known as a cement mason, is a tradesman who works with concrete.

How would you describe a concrete job?

Concrete Laborer Requirements:

2,000 hours of hands-on experience. Ability to perform strenuous tasks with your hands. Ability to kneel, bend, and lift heavy materials. Ability to measure accurately and read specifications.

What is a concrete mason?

Cement masons and concrete finishers place and finish concrete. They may color concrete surfaces, expose aggregate (small stones) in walls and sidewalks, or make concrete beams, columns, and panels.

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What is a construction person called?

A construction worker is a worker employed in manual labour of the physical construction of the built environment and its infrastructure. Construction workers may colloquially be referred to as "hard hat workers" or "hard hats", as they often wear hard hats for safety.

What is a fancy word for construction worker?

One who erects iron bridges etc.

What is another word for construction worker?


What is a bricklayer job description?

Bricklayers are skilled craftsmen responsible for constructing brickwork by laying bricks using the correct mortar mixture. They are knowledgeable in the different types of bricks available and how to construct or repair walls in accordance with industry standards.

What is a general laborer job description?

A Laborer, or General Laborer, is responsible for performing various tasks to aid daily operations at a construction site. Their duties include loading and unloading tools or raw materials, assembling scaffolding or other pieces of equipment and digging or filling in pits throughout the construction process.

What is a construction laborer?

Construction laborers are skilled workers who do much of the physically demanding labor at all kinds of construction projects, from excavation to building and demolition. Construction laborers use a variety of hand and power tools to hammer, lift, saw, and measure materials.

What is another word for masonry?

What is another word for masonry?

brickbuilding materials
bricks and mortarbrickwork

How do I become a concrete foreman?

Concrete Foreman Requirements:

Bachelor's or associate's degree in construction management or construction science is advantageous. Certification through the American Institute of Constructors or the Construction Management Association of America is preferred. Proven experience working as a Concrete Foreman.

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