What does it means to be exceptional?

forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary: The warm weather was exceptional for January. unusually excellent; superior: an exceptional violinist. Education. ( of a child) being intellectually gifted.

Is exceptional good or bad?

Unusually good. Uncommon, even. So rare, it may hardly get chosen in the scale of “horribly bad” → “exceptional” and almost never uttered unprompted.

What do you call an exceptional person?

2 bodacious (slang, chiefly U.S.) excellent, extraordinary, marvellous, notable, one in a million, outstanding, phenomenal, prodigious, remarkable, special, superior.

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What does exceptional mean in medical terms?

a : having above or below average intelligence. b : physically disabled.

How can be exceptional?

Exceptional people are clear and persistent in who they are, where they are headed and what they want from their life and relationships to be happy. In being deliberate other people know where they stand with them. The exceptional get what they want in life because they are clear in saying what they want.

Is exceptional a compliment?

exceptional Add to list Share. Generally, exceptional is a compliment––"the concert was exceptional" means it was better than what could have been expected. But it can also just mean unusual. "Maria gets to skip gym, but hers is an exceptional case."

Is exceptional better than excellent?

As adjectives the difference between exceptional and excellent. is that exceptional is forming an exception; not ordinary; uncommon; rare while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.

Is exceptional better than extraordinary?

As adjectives the difference between exceptional and extraordinary. is that exceptional is forming an exception; not ordinary; uncommon; rare while extraordinary is not ordinary; exceptional; unusual;.

What does exceptional woman mean?

An exceptional woman is one with a sense of inclusion and rightness that can change the world. There are many exceptional women who need to not only be brought to the table but be encouraged to make their own way there, to sit and share with strength, poise, beauty, and dignity.

What's better exceptional or outstanding?

I think that "exceptional" is more than "outstanding." "Outstanding" just means "very, very good" while "exceptional" means "so good that it's unusual/rare" (though it can be used for bad situations too, like "exceptionally rotten").

What is exceptionally good?

adjective. You use exceptional to describe someone or something that has a particular quality, usually a good quality, to an unusually high degree.

What is meant by exceptional performance?

Performance consistently or far exceeded expectations. Fully Achieved Expectations. Fully achieved and at times may have exceeded expectations.

What is the difference between exception and exceptional?

Exception means a thing or a person that is excluded. So we think of that excluded person or thing as somehow unique, great, or special that that thing or person stands out from the rest, it sets the person/thing apart. That's why when you say something is exceptional means that is extraordinary.

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