What does suit mean in slang?

noun. (pejorative, slang) A person who wears matching jacket and trousers, especially a boss or a supervisor.

How do you say if that suits you?

  • You look fit in that.
  • Graciously set for you.
  • You suit fantastically with that.
  • It suits you!
  • What is the meaning of suits yourself?

    Definition of suit oneself

    : to do what one wants to do —used especially to tell people that they can do what they want even though one does not think it is what they should do "I don't want to go." "Suit yourself.

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    What does suit mean on Instagram?

    "Businessman" is the most common definition for SUIT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. SUIT. Definition: Businessman.

    What people are called suits?

    Slang. a person wearing a suit; specif., a business executive or a bureaucrat. usually a term of mild derision.

    What suits you best or better?

    Senior Member. They are both correct. They have a different usage - this depends on context. Whichever suits you better.

    Would it be OK for you formal?

    It's not informal, but also isn't formal, and while it isn't exactly how I'd phrase it (as a native speaker) it's grammatically correct. A slight correction, normally we would say "Is it okay with you if"

    What is the synonym of suit?

    In this page you can discover 90 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for suit, like: outfit, befit, accommodate, costume, gratify, group, ensemble, conform, livery, uniform and be agreeable.

    Is it rude to say suit yourself?

    “Suit yourself” is almost never rude or downright impolite, but depending on tone may come across as snippy, judgemental, or negative.

    What does it mean when something is complementary?

    : completing something else or making it better : serving as a complement. —used of two things when each adds something to the other or helps to make the other better. : going together well : working well together. See the full definition for complementary in the English Language Learners Dictionary. complementary.

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