What is the mission statement?

A company's mission statement defines its culture, values, ethics, fundamental goals, and agenda. The statement reveals what the company does, how it does it, and why it does it. Prospective investors may also refer to the mission statement to see if the values of the company align with theirs.

What is an example of mission statement?

To refresh the world… To inspire moments of optimism and happiness… To create value and make a difference.” “Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health, well-being, and healing of both people — customers, Team Members, and business organizations in general — and the planet.”

How do you write a good mission statement?

What to Include in Your Mission Statement. Your mission statement should be unique to your business, so what you should include will depend on your particular focus and values. Typically, a mission statement includes a basic description of the company, its purpose, and its goals.

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How do I write a mission statement for myself?

  • Keep it short. Your personal mission statement should only be one sentence long.
  • Be true to yourself. Your mission statement should reflect your greatest passion and what you believe your long-term purpose is.
  • Get feedback.
  • What is a mission statement and why is it important?

    A mission statement provides an ideal vision for the company's future and directs its growth. Mission statements encourage employees to think about how their actions will impact future business success and positive company culture.

    What's another word for mission statement?


  • assignment.
  • job.
  • labour.
  • operation.
  • work.
  • commission.
  • trip.
  • message.
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