What is the role of business development executive?

A Business Development Executive, or Business Development Manager, is responsible for overseeing the process of business development within their company to promote its longevity.

What kind of salary do you need as business development executive?

A business development executive with less than a year's experience earns an average pay of INR 2.46 lakh per annum. Similarly, a business development executive with one to four years of professional experience can expect to earn INR 3.01 lakh per annum on average.

What is the difference between sales executive and business development executive?

A sales executive sells the company's product directly to the market. Business development executives are the professionals who lead the sales executives. A business development executive's job may include many responsibilities. Usually candidates with relevant experience are required for this job by the companies.

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Is business development a good career Quora?

Business Development as the name only conveys is developing business for the organization. Under this profile you are suppose to generate business / leads/ new project for the company. That you can do by bidding on Upwork, cold calling, emails, on-table meetings, promoting the product of your company etc.

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