What is the work of cath lab technician?

Catheterization laboratory or Cath Lab Technicians are trained to assist interventional cardiologists in performing diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive cardiac procedures with the help of cardiac and coronary imaging. Students will also be able to interpret basic ECG's and recognise cardiac arrhythmias.

How long does it take to become a cath lab technician?


Program LevelDiploma
Duration of the Program1 Year
Examination TypeYear

Is cath lab tech a good job?

I love the job that I do and the people that I am able to help by assisting our physicians. There is a great feeling that comes with working in cath lab because it is a job where you are able to see a result that changes the lives of the patients right in front of our eyes.

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How much does a cardiac cath tech make?

How much does a Cardiac Catheterization Technologist make in the United States? The average Cardiac Catheterization Technologist salary in the United States is $73,161 as of November 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $64,707 and $83,503.

How do you become a cath lab tech?

To become a cath lab technologist, you need an associate degree in cardiovascular technology, applied science, or a related field. You must be detail-oriented with excellent communication skills, and you need the physical ability to stand for long periods of time and move machinery and equipment.

What are the requirements for a cath lab tech?

What Is a Cath Lab Technician?

Training RequirementsOn-the-job training; postsecondary certificate or associate's degree programs are available
Key ResponsibilitiesMonitor patients' vital signs during tests, assist in administration of catheterization, operate machines used for catheterization procedures

How do I become a cardiac catheterization technician?

A diploma in cardiovascular technology from a university, hospital, or clinic. An undergraduate certificate in cardiovascular technology. An associate degree in cardiovascular technology. A bachelor's degree in cardiovascular technology.

What does an invasive cardiovascular technologist do?

Invasive cardiovascular technologists operate sophisticated imaging and patient monitoring equipment while working with the cardiologist, who performs procedures on patients, leading to the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Why is it called cath lab?

The procedures performed in a cath lab involve tiny, flexible tubes called catheters which is where the name is derived from. These catheters can be used as an alternative to surgery to access the heart and blood vessels.

Is a cath lab an operating room?

Operating rooms are typically used for open procedures requiring an incision whereas most procedures performed in a cath lab require only a needle stick to feed the catheter through an artery or vein.

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