How do I become Crcst certified?

CRCST certification requires that you pass the certification exam and complete 400 hours of hands-on experience in a CS department. These hours can be completed before testing or within 6 months of passing the exam. IAHCSMM highly recommends completing, or at least beginning, your hours of experience before testing.

What does a Crcst make?

The salaries of Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST)s in the US range from $23,030 to $49,480 , with a median salary of $33,330 . The middle 60% of Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST)s makes $33,330, with the top 80% making $49,480.

How hard is the Crcst exam?

According to IAHCSMM, out of 8,289 CRCST exams taken in 2019, 77% passed the test. The exam is not a walk in the park! You'll need to be well-prepared both academically and professionally to pass the exam and become certified.

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How much is the Crcst exam?

CRCST certificants are required to recertify annually through the completion of continuing education requirements. The examination fee within the United States & Canada is $125 USD.

What chapters are on the Crcst exam?

The CRCST exam will test your proficiency in these areas:

  • Cleaning, Decontamination & Disinfection.
  • Preparation & Packaging.
  • Sterilization Process.
  • Patient Care Equipment.
  • Sterile Storage & Inventory Management.
  • Documentation & Record Maintenance.
  • Customer Relations.
  • What is the job description of a sterile processing technician?

    The Sterile Processing Technician is assigned duties performing decontamination, preparation, sterilization and distribution of surgical instruments and medical equipment throughout the surgery center, utilizing infection control and safety practices during all phases of the process.

    What does a sterile processing technician do?

    Sterile processing technicians are a critical part of infection control in any hospital or clinical environment. They ensure surgical instruments and other medical equipment are properly cleaned, sterilized, inventoried, and maintained.

    How much does a xray tech make?

    X-Ray Technician Salaries

    Job TitleSalary
    Alberta Health Services X-Ray Technician salaries - 21 salaries reported$36/hr
    Alberta Precision Laboratories X-Ray Technician salaries - 18 salaries reported$36/hr
    Shared Health (Canada) X-Ray Technician salaries - 7 salaries reported$31/hr

    Is sterile processing a stressful job?

    Just believe sterile processing salaries should start at $23 an hour due to the stress level involved. Plus, there aren't room for advancement and your on your feet all day so it is exhausting.

    How many questions are on the Crcst?

    The CRCST exam has a total of 150 multiple choice questions.

    What score do you need to pass the Crcst exam?

    What Score Do I Need to Pass the Certified and Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) Exam? A score of 70 or higher is required to pass this challenging exam.

    How do I pass sterile processing certification?

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