How much does it cost to be a doTERRA wellness advocate?

For a low membership fee of $35.00, a Wellness Advocate will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices 25 percent below retail. After becoming a Wellness Advocate, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00.

How do doTERRA wellness advocates make money?

Once you've joined doTERRA, you start at the bottom of their compensation plan as a Wellness Advocate. This means you make 25% commission on any purchases your customers make. You can also earn bonuses based on your own and your downline's (once you build it) performance.

How do I become a wellness advocate?

  • STEP 1: Visit the doTERRA website.
  • STEP 2: Click on Become a Member.
  • STEP 3: Choose your Region and Language.
  • STEP 4: Add Enrollment Kit (optional)
  • STEP 5: Choose an additional product on the ADD Products Page (optional)
  • STEP 6: Review your Enrollment Order.
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    Do I have to order every month with doTERRA?

    While a Member has no requirement to purchase products, a Member can ensure that the Member will receive monthly deliveries of doTERRA products by enrolling in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) after the first month of enrollment. LRP eliminates the inconvenience of placing monthly orders manually.

    How much money do doTERRA reps make?

    What doTERRA sellers actually earn

    RankAverage Annual EarningsPercentage of Leaders
    Blue Diamond$463,5552%

    Is doTERRA a pyramid company?

    2. “Isn't this an MLM company or pyramid scheme?” “doTERRA® is a Direct Selling Company, which is very different from a Pyramid scheme. A Pyramid scheme's focus is to recruit new members, and pay bonuses for achieving recruitment goals.

    How do I quit doTERRA?

  • Calling 800-411-8151.
  • Asking the customer representative to close your account.
  • Providing your account details.
  • Requesting a confirmation email as proof of your demand.
  • Is doTERRA a good company to work for?

    With the exception of a few managers within a handful of departments doterra has excellent work life balance. There are career building opportunities that are easy to grasp. Internal candidates are encouraged. Job security is off the charts, they keep many people they probably should not have.

    Is doTERRA expensive?

    I'm not convinced that doTerra (or Young Living, for that matter) have cornered the market on high-quality essential oils. But they are by far the most expensive. I suspect it's mostly for the reasons I've discussed above — tons of money poured into marketing and fanfare.

    Are doTERRA oils worth it?

    doTerra Essential Oils Review Summary

    Yes, so they've come up with their own “therapeutic grade” certification process. At least it's an honest standard where they don't add chemicals (very important), and treat farmers and distillers in other countries fairly. If it's in your budget, give dōTERRA essential oils a try!

    Can I sell doTERRA oils?

    —You can grow your doTERRA business to suit your needs. Sell products through your free online store 25% commission or buy products and sell them at retail prices. It's easy to get free products to turn around and sell. You can also start building your own team and training them to build teams…the sky is the limit.

    What do wellness advocates do?

    Wellness Advocates sell doTERRA products locally through person-to-person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites. As they sell product, they reach various levels of achievement (ranks) and become leaders in sharing doTERRA products.

    What does a health and wellness advocate do?

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    Facilitate employee wellness initiatives, communications and outreach efforts to improve employee health and well-being, reduce high-risk behaviors and risk factors such as tobacco use, poor condition-management, poor nutrition and infrequent exercise.

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